Essex offers a full range of wrapped wire in various constructions produced with state-of-the-art equipements.
Essex uses insulation material and processes according to international standard as well as customer requirements.
Wrapped covered wires are following the IEC standards as below:


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Paper  Kapton (Poly-imide)   Nomex (Aramide) 
IEC 60317-27 IEC 60317-44 IEC 60317-53
  Min    Max 
  Thickness of bares  0,80 mm 10 mm
  Width of bares   3,00 mm 18 mm 
  Cross section  8,00 mm² 120 mm²
  Ratio Width Thickness  1,50  10 
Specification  Specific Properties 
Kraft Paper* 
Magnetape PK   
IEC 554-3-5 General purpose with high purity
Kraft Paper Clandered Magnetape PK    IEC 554-3-5 High density and dielectric strength
Kraft Paper Thermally Upgraded *Magnetape PK    IEC 554-3-5  High thermal properties
Kraft Paper Thermally Upgraded and Calandered 
Magnetape PK   
IEC 554-3-5 High density, Thermal and
dielectric properties
Crepe Paper 
Magnetape PK   
High mechanical strength; High elongation; 
Thickness depending to type
Aramide Paper* 
Magnetape AR    
  Very high thermal resistance, chemical and
mechanical properties
Polyester Film 
Magnetape PE    
  High tensile strength and eletrical properties
Polyimid Film heat sealableMagnetape PI        Excellent physical, electrical and
 mechanical properties
Magnetape PM
* Epoxy coated versions possible.
Other materials or thicknesses possible on request