Litz Wire is a special type of enamelled wire widely used for high frequency coils. It consists of a many thin individual wires, coated with an insulating film and braided, thus increasing the surface area of the conductor and thereby reducing the skin effect and associated power losses when used with high frequency applications.
When the number of wires is high, the construction of litz wires can also consist of multi-litz wires, where a number of Litz wires are stranded again. In this way, it is possible to have a Litz wire of more than 1,000 individual wires. 

Wire diameter: 0.040 - 0.300 mm

                             Number of wires: 2 - 200 (or more depending on combinations)

                             Stranding pitch: 2.8 - 80 mm

                             Insulation types: any enameled wire can be used (including self-bonding)

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 litz picture