Essex offers a full range of Flat Enamelled Wire in addition to  Flat Covered Wire and CTC. The production capabilities are able to produce wires with a width from 2,00  to 25 mm and a thickness from 0.80 to 5,00 mm.
Furthermore Essex is able to offer a global approach thanks to the group's energy wire production plants in America.
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 Essex nomenclature insulation system  Class Isolation system  Standards
Magnetemp® C-180   180 Theic PEI  IEC 60317-0-2
Magnetemp® CA-200   200 Theic PEI+PAI  IEC 60317-0-2
Magnetemp® A-220   220 PAI  IEC 60317-0-2
Magneform® F-120  120 PVF  IEC 60317-0-2 and IEC 60317-12
Magnebond® FX-120    120  PVF+ Epoxy  
Magnebond® FX2-120    120  PVF+ Epoxy type 2  
Magnebond® AB-220  220 PAI+PA