Research and Development is one of the pillars of Essex. The new Essex European R&D center, which was inaugurated in 2011 close to the Essex enamel plant, confirms Essex's strategy to strongly support its customers in their most demanding requirements. 

In a unique locale equipped with dedicated winding wire machines and a full laboratory, the Essex engineers develop, in collaboration with the enamel R&D department located on the same site, solutions for: 

1 - improving the quality, efficiency and productivity of winding wire machines; Essex designs and manufactures a large part of the winding wire machines running in its plants; 

2 - providing to customers the full Essex expertise in order to answer their specific requests;  

3 - answering the needs of new types of enameled wire for high efficiency motors or for e-mobility solutions.  

    As an example, Essex engineers developed in 2012 the new HP 220 enamel, which allows to improve motor efficiency without motor design modification.