Complete control over the quality of metal, the performance of enamels and the efficiency of  processes is a critical asset to deliver the right product to the customer. That’s why Essex chose to integrate the 3 majors steps of winding wire production: 

1 - Copper rod production: The development of copper rod production in Essex's plants allows  to guarantee the best raw material. 

2 - Enamel production: Essex is the only European winding wire producer also manufacturing its enamels. First, it guarantees the perfect adaptation of the enamel characteristics to the Essex winding wire production line to deliver the best quality and efficiency. Besides, Essex engineers from the winding wire and enamelling departments team up continuously to define the best solutions for the customers. Furthermore, it allows us to break new ideas and products. For instance we developed a new enamel product range dedicated to e-mobility solutions and high efficiency motors.

3 - Design of machines: A dedicated department in Essex is in charge of designing and optimizing the enameling machines. Thanks to the know-how of Essex engineers and regular investment in new equipment, the winding wire production plants of Essex are able to match the most challanging requirements of our customers.